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What to see in the Surrounding Area

We may be out in the sticks, but don't let that fool you.  There is a lot going on out here.  Probably the most prominent attractions in the area are the two National Parks.  Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks are just minutes away.  Kings Canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon and supplies an incredible diversity in terrain.  It hosts the third largest tree (by volume) in the United States, which is also known as the Nations Christmas Tree, the General Grant Tree.  You simply cannot fathom how big this tree is until you have actually stood below it.  You can travel to the end of Highway 180 and drop into Kings Canyon to travel along the mighty Kings River below sheer granite cliffs.  Or you can stop and visit Boyden's Cave for an under ground adventure.  In Sequoia National Park you will find the number one and two largest trees (by volume), the General Sherman Tree and the President's Tree. You will also find the Crystal Cave which also provides an incredible underground adventure.  Of course the parks are teeming with wildlife, popular hikes, presentations by rangers, and serenity at its best.




























What other attractions can be found?




























Don't forget to look up, especially in the spring and summer months.  This area is a favorite for hang gliding and paragliding enthusiasts.  You can go to launch and watch gliders sail off into the blue or you could visit one of the landing sites and watch the pilots touch back down to earth.  Either way it is an adventure.  The site has been the host to several competitions over the years, including two National Hang Gliding Competitions and two National Paragliding Competitions.  Our property here served as the base camp and lodging for the US National Paragliding Championships in 2013.  On any given warm day you could see a glider come into land so quietly that you would never even know they were there.


The Cat Haven is a favorite attraction.  You can visit cats from around the world. There are lions, tigers, jaguar, leopards, tree cats, bobcats, snow lynx, and many more!  The tours are extremely educational and interesting for everyone.  

You can find it along Highway 180, about six miles above the intersection of Indian Guide Road and 180. Winter hours are:  10 am - 3pm; Thursdays through Mondays.  Summer Hours are : 10am - 4 pm; Wednesday through Mondays.  Visit them at



























There is a large lake just over the mountain from us and within 30 minutes driving time, Pine Flat Lake.   It hosts fishing, boating, and skiing.  It is very popular in the summer months.  


The local area is brimming with history.  At one time there were even Outlaws hiding in these hills, for example Sontag and Evans were known to have several hideouts and friends that helped them to escape detection in the mountains surrounding us.  Indian populations called the area home and signs are eveident of encampments in the surrounding area.  Many members of some of those tribes still reside in the area.  There is history everywhere you look, if you know what you are looking for.  Although we do not claim to be experts, we do have a lot of knowledge regarding some of this fascinating history.  












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