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Easy, quick access to Highway 180.​

Although we have a very secluded setting, we also have easy access to Highway 180.  We are less than a mile from the highway.  We may live the slow comfortable ranch life, but we have wifi access to accommodate your travel needs.  Cattle quietly graze in the open fields nearby providing a tranquil backdrop.

Every room has its own full private bath.  Our rooms are all spacious with comfortable beds.  You can expect breakfast to be ready when you are and made with fresh and organic ingredients.  Fresh fruits are available in season.  We use all natural ingredients and everything is made from scratch.  Breakfast is served family style to enable you share adventures, attractions, and lots of good fun!  

Every season brings its own special charm and we get to enjoy all four in this wonderful setting.  We are located at about the 1700 foot level and are nestled into a quaint little valley that protects us from most of the winters fog that the lower elevations suffer through during the wet season.  Often we are enjoying spring like weather while the lower elevations are cloaked in cold, damp fog.  We are low enough that the snow falls on the hills around us providing a breathtaking beauty without the hassle of dealing with it.  Spring brings an abundance of wild flowers with a wonderful fresh scent.

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